Innovation Station

Innovation? Really?

PC Tear Down

What does the inside of a computer look like? What components do I need to build my own?  Come join us in the Innovation Station to get your hands inside a computer and learn what makes them tick.  We'll be breaking down PC laptops, a Mac book or two and the odd desktop.  No sign up required but we are limited to 8 students unless you bring your own machine to tear apart.

Build a Telegraph

Interested in learning how batteries, electromagnets, electrical circuits and Morse Code work? This quarter we’re building telegraphs in the new Innovation Station in the MS/HS Learning Commons. We’ll have two sessions where students will can build a simple telegraph out of common materials and have fun while learning the basics of electrical circuits. Students will then be challenged to improve and extend their telegraph. Over three weeks students will need to connect their telegraph to a partner’s and send a simple message over a distance in the Learning Commons. At the end of three weeks, students will demonstrate their telegraphs and outline the improvements they’ve made to the design.

Last modified: Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 3:19 PM